Thursday, September 24, 2015

What if

Yesterday, I got a pedicure. I haven't had a pedicure for a very long, long time - and I'm rough ROUGH on my feet. Dancing, standing, living, walking - it's hard on one's body.

 But yesterday, I went back to the salon I used to work at and had a treatment. While sitting, People magazine cover lunges for my attention with their snappy catchy titles, drama, and other people's gossip that I really don't give two cents about...until Rosemary Kennedy.

 I read this article and my heart wants to break for them then, my heart wants to break for right now.

People, come on. We have got to stop rewarding those that cause permanent damage to a living human being. 'the doctor wouldn't be paid if they were not on site'.

 I wonder...what if? What if this prestigious family had actually spoken up, changed the system, helped us see that yes mentally challenged people are here in today's society - this is why, this is what we're doing to change that, and...they're very loving and kind. And the surgery for that poor woman? Not today.